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Taylor Swift was part of Stonewall Day event! - 26/06/2020
Online concert ‘Global Goal: Unite For Our Future’ is for a good cause - 26/06/2020
Bob Dylan’s ‘Rough and Rowdy Ways’ is a much-awaited album! - 23/06/2020
Bill Wyman donates to the MusiCares Relief Fund Auction - 23/06/2020
The Roots and Michelle Obama are planning the ‘Roots Picnic’ - 23/06/2020
Drake tops the BET Awards nominations for 2020! - 18/06/2020
Bob Marley’s ‘Live at the Rainbow’ got remastered! - 18/06/2020
Tomorrowland Festival will happen virtually! - 11/06/2020
Suga launches ‘D-2’, another solo mixtape - 05/06/2020
The Raconteurs is back with ‘Live at Electric Lady’ and a film - 05/06/2020
The documentary ‘Roger Waters: Us + Them’ is coming online - 28/05/2020
Phoebe Bridgers to promote album ‘Punisher’ online! - 25/05/2020
Bruce Springsteen is the star of ‘Streaming Outta Fenway’ - 21/05/2020
Lady Gaga teams up with Ariana Grande on ‘Rain on Me’ - 21/05/2020
Katy Perry opened up about her song in ‘In the House’ - 20/05/2020
BTS is planning ‘Bang Bang Con’, a live concert! - 20/05/2020
Nicki Minaj’s take on ‘Say So’ earns number 1 on Billboard! - 15/05/2020
Bad Bunny drops ‘Las Que No Iban a Salir’ album! - 15/05/2020
Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande unveil ‘Stuck With U’ song - 15/05/2020
Dua Lipa is iHeartRadio PromÂ’s co-host! - 11/05/2020
A cooking show with Selena Gomez is in the works! - 11/05/2020
Megan Thee Stallion worked on a ‘Savage’ remix with Beyoncé - 07/05/2020
St. Vincent introduces ‘Shower Sessions’, a podcast, via a trailer - 07/05/2020
Amy Winehouse honoured by the Grammy Museum - 07/05/2020
The British band The 1975 is hosting a listening party! - 04/05/2020
The Beatles’ ‘Yellow Submarine’ to get a singalong version - 04/05/2020
Cardi B and Ed Sheeran announced as ‘PlayOn Fest’ headliners - 28/04/2020
Cyndi Lauper and Troye Sivan to appear in ‘Stonewall Gives Back!’ - 23/04/2020
Travis Scott plans ‘Astronomical’, a concert on ‘Fortnite’! - 23/04/2020
Questlove and Moby join the festivities for Earth Day Live - 23/04/2020
Taylor Swift took part in ‘One World: Together at Home’ - 23/04/2020
The Beatles’ ‘Hey Jude’ handwritten lyrics sold for $910,000 - 15/04/2020
British band Radiohead is keeping busy with live shows! - 15/04/2020
‘How I’m Feeling Now’: a new album from Charli XCX - 10/04/2020
Sam Smith reports ‘To Die For’ release date - 08/04/2020
‘&Music’: a docuseries featuring Ariana Grande and others - 01/04/2020
The Weeknd meets unexpected success with ‘After Hours’ - 27/03/2020
Billie Eilish to feature in Grammy MuseumÂ’s online shows - 27/03/2020
Norah Jones unveils first song from ‘Pick Me Up off the Floor’ - 27/03/2020
Kendrick Lamar announced as GlastonburyÂ’s headliner artist! - 27/03/2020
Lady Gaga unveils details about ‘Chromatica’, her new album! - 11/03/2020
The Pussycat Dolls are back with ‘React’, a new single! - 13/02/2020
Billie Eilish dominates the Grammys 2020! - 13/02/2020
Shakira and Jennifer Lopez light up the Super Bowl with Latin show! - 07/02/2020
Justin Bieber plans his come-back with ‘Changes’, a new album! - 07/02/2020
Ariana Grande is preparing ‘Sweetener Tour’, a live album! - 15/01/2020

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