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‘Borat 2’: the comedy gets a 2020 release date! 
‘Borat 2’: the comedy gets a 2020 release date!‘Borat 2’: the comedy gets a 2020 release date!
Known for its political satires, ‘Borat’ is a popular motion picture which is now set to get a sequel. Officially untitled, it will feature Sacha Baron Cohen as he reprises his titular role.

What was revealed about the ‘Borat’ follow-up?

After more than a decade, the popular comedy ‘Borat’ is making a comeback. Having garnered more than $260 million originally, the movie is now set to air on the small screen. Indeed, a deal has been made with Amazon Prime, the streaming platform and the film has become the first to be completed during the pandemic. No exact date has been published yet but the film will come out shortly before the American elections.

The sequel stars Sacha Baron Cohen

For ‘Borat 2’, Sacha Baron Cohen is going back to the role that put him on the international radar. Indeed, it is thanks to the Kazakhstani’s character that he gained worldwide fame back in 2006. The comedy will again centre on him going undercover to get people to reveal their true selves and their often unflattering biases, with only the slightest provocation.


The comedian posing as the Kazakhstani © AFP PHOTO / BERTRAND GUAY

The storyline of the motion picture

Similarly to the original ‘Borat’, the protagonist conducts a series of interviews while being undercover for the sequel. Reportedly, several personalities have been filmed including Rudy Giuliani and the actor also appeared at a gun rally in Washington. Furthermore, he is credited as the screenwriter.

Other important roles for the British actor

Aside from portraying Borat Sagdiyev, the English comedian had a career full of controversial characters. He is known for his show ‘Ali G’, his performance in ‘The Dictator’ as well as his persona Erran Morad.

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