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The video game franchise ‘NieR’ is coming back to consoles 
The video game franchise ‘NieR’ is coming back to consolesThe video game franchise ‘NieR’ is coming back to consoles
Just in time for its tenth anniversary, the company behind the gaming series ‘NieR’ made some important announcements. The video game by Square Enix will be revisited and is coming to mobile platforms.

What will the new ‘NieR’ video game feature?

Following the success of the video game ‘Automata’ which was released in 2018, another title from the collection, ‘NieR’, is expected to be introduced. According to the developers, ‘Replicant ver.1.22474487139’ will be an upgraded version of what was originally released 10 years ago.

Square Enix is planning to add other updates to the collection

Aside from an updated version of ‘Replicant’, the developers are also expected to reveal two more games. An RPG for mobile platforms, called ‘NieR Reincarnation’ is also in the works for iOS and Android. ‘Automata’, another video game from the same franchise, will now be available on the Xbox Game Pass.


The video game will be on consoles and mobile OS © Square Enix

What is the RPG about?

Upon its release in 2010, ‘NieR’ was launched in two different versions in Japan. In ‘Gestalt’, players had to take control of an elderly man while in the other gaming title, the main character is a teenage boy. Featuring emotional storylines, the games involve battles as well as post-apocalyptic sceneries.

The release date of the video game

For now, there has been no confirmation yet regarding the launch of the updated ‘NieR’ addition but its tenth anniversary will be celebrated around April 22, 2020. However, the launch on PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X consoles could happen at a later date.

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