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The shooter ‘Doom Eternal’ is a best-seller! 
The shooter ‘Doom Eternal’ is a best-seller!The shooter ‘Doom Eternal’ is a best-seller!
Part of a much larger gaming franchise, ‘Doom Eternal’ is benefitting from a time when many are staying indoors and keeping themselves entertained the best way they can. The shooter is leading the Steam network!

‘Doom Eternal’ is a recently launched shooter

A follow-up from the previous shooter released in 2016, ‘Doom Eternal’ is experiencing a peak in its number of users. Recently, the game has reached 22 million players, which is better than any of its other rivals. On Steam, it has managed to top sales as well as revenue, occupying several places in the leaderboard.

What is the Bethesda game about?

Developed by id Software and published by Bethesda Softworks, ‘Doom Eternal’ is a shooter played from the first person perspective. Various weapons such as the Heavy Cannon, the Rocket Launcher and the Plasma Rifle are available via the missions. The player controls a character who has to combat creatures from Hell.


The big release is a success! © Bethesda

The reasons behind the success of the gaming title

Surprisingly, the shooter ‘Doom Eternal’ is not a Steam exclusive and can only be purchased by going to one of its stores. However, due to the current circumstances, the store is offering the game online. Furthermore, the popularity of the fantasy title could also be attributed to the fact that many people are confined to their homes at the moment.

Other games part of the franchise

The shooter series was originally created in 1993 by John Carmack, John Romero, Adrian Carmack, Kevin Cloud, and Tom Hall. Aside from ‘Doom Eternal’, other titles include ‘Hell on Earth’ and ‘Resurrection of Evil’.

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