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The game ‘No Man’s Sky’ is topping the charts 
The game ‘No Man’s Sky’ is topping the chartsThe game ‘No Man’s Sky’ is topping the charts
Introduced in 2016, ‘No Man’s Sky’ has been developed and published by Hello Games. Following the launch of a new update called ‘Beyond’, the game is headlining the charts once more.

The news about the game ‘No Man’s Sky’

Currently leading Steam, Humble, GOG as well as, ‘No Man’s Sky’ has proved to be still popular among gamers despite the fact that it was launched in 2016. Indeed, the game has benefited from a recent sale as well the launch of the latest update which helped to make them dominate the charts.

What is ‘Beyond’ about?

Introduced on August 14, ‘Beyond’ is one of many updates launched by Hello Games. It has changed the ‘No Man’s Sky’ gameplay as the multiplayer capacity has increased from 4 to 8 players on console and up to 32 on PC. Virtual reality handsets are now compatible with the game and some other modifications have been announced.


A picture of the space adventure © Hello Games

A word about the developers

The company behind the gaming title is company based in England and which was founded in 2008. Aside from ‘No Man’s Sky’, they also have another well-known game called the ‘Joe Danger’ series. The developers have won several accolades over the years including the 2010 Develop Awards. They are presently working on ‘The Last Campfire’, a new title.

Other games doing well in the leaderboards

Furthermore, aside from ‘No Man’s Sky’, ‘Baldi's Basics’ is also proving itself to be quite popular especially on Created by Micah McGonigal, its complete game early demo is accessible at the moment.

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