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The PS Vita by Sony goes digital only 
The PS Vita by Sony goes digital onlyThe PS Vita by Sony goes digital only
The PSP was Sony’s first mobile console on the market in 2004. The PS Vita made its debut in 2012 and was announced as a revolution for portable gaming. However it encountered some hard competition.

Sony slows down its support for the PS Vita

In an email to Kotaku, a Sony representative has confirmed that the Japanese company will stop its production of physical games for the PS Vita. While it does not mean that the device has been completely abandoned, it does indicate the end of a milestone. The mobile console was a successor of the PSP and also worked with the PlayStations 3 and 4.

Production for the game cards will stop

Despite a strong start, the PS Vita faced some difficulties on the gaming market. The high price of the mobile console and its memory cards affected its popularity according to Kotaku. The device will, in the future, only allow its games to be downloaded digitally via the PlayStation store.


Game cards won’t be available on the Sony PS Vita © All rights reserved - Sony Computer Entertainment

The main competitor of the Asian brand

Sony released its first handheld gadget in response to the Nintendo DS. Despite not achieving huge sales (80 million units) in 2014, the Japanese brand stopped its production. Its successor, the PS Vita, did not get that much luck as Ubisoft and Activision stopped their support. Furthermore, Capcom decided to release their series ‘Monster Hunter’ exclusively to the competitors.

The termination of game cards might indicate the end

Reportedly, Sony could be making that move so that it can focus on its main system, the PlayStation. The future seems dark for the PS Vita as the Nintendo Switch currently dominates the portable and the home entertainment markets.

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