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Apple’s HomePod will have improved abilities 
Apple’s HomePod will have improved abilitiesApple’s HomePod will have improved abilities
Spotted by a French website, several upgrades are available on a beta version of the HomePod. The Apple device will reportedly have some new features previously seen on other speakers.

The upcoming changes on the Apple HomePod

One of the upgrades seen on the beta version of the HomePod OS 12 includes the ability to make calls without the use of a phone. Indeed, on current models, the user has to select the Apple speaker on the mobile to be able to make the call on the audio device. Other recently added features will include multiple timers and a new language: Spanish.

The speaker could launch alongside the iOS 12

Furthermore, Apple could be getting all these updates ready to launch at the same time as it next operating system, the iOS 12. While no official release date is known, the unveiling is set to take place late 2018. Other gadgets projected to come out as well are the macOS Mojave, watchOS 5 and tvOS 12.


The Apple HomePod is getting revamped © NOAH BERGER / AFP

The upgrades already exist on other audio devices

The option of making and receiving calls via a smart speaker without the use of a phone has already been made possible by other brands. Indeed devices like the Google Home and the Amazon Echo have been offering this option for quite some time, as opposed to the HomePod, as well as the timers and the Spanish language.

Further details about the updated gadget

While none of these improvements have been confirmed by Apple but this could be good news as the company has suffered from poor HomePod’s sales lately. The iOS 12 could be coming in September 2018 and it still has to be confirmed.

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