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Secondhand phones’ consumption experience a growth 
Secondhand phones’ consumption experience a growthSecondhand phones’ consumption experience a growth
The use of refurbished mobiles has increased in the past years. Consumers are leaning towards a cheaper and more economical way of communication. However, the recycling in itself has not been established yet.

Secondhand phones are being sold in exchange programmes

The surge in the growth of secondhand mobiles is mainly happening as phone companies offer to buy a consumer’s old damaged merchandise and turn it into a functional one. And instead of paying the full price for their products, they are granted a discount or money.

Reusing a phone is still a groundbreaking concept

According to some reports, the business of secondhand mobile products is burgeoning but is still at an early stage. In the North American market, only 20 to 25 percent of cellulars have been used before. Furthermore, companies such as Gazelle and Hyla specialize in the trade in and selling of recycled phones. Quoting Hyla CEO, Biju Nair, refurbished mobiles are now becoming a typical practice all over the world.


Phones are being tested at the Congress in Barcelona © LLUIS GENE / AFP

Environmental and economic impact of the usage of revamped cellphones

Our planet can only take advantage of this fresh growth. As secondhand smartphones are being used for a longer period, new phones are less needed on the market which in turn means that fewer materials are required for the manufacturing. Referring to an article on mobile world live, secondhand phones’ market have known a surge of $55 million in 2017 compared to 2016.

Are secondhand cellphones really beneficial?

Doubts still exist when it comes to determine if giving old cellulars a new life is really helpful. Major brands’ efforts are being haltered as the recycling process still remains difficult.

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