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Lost In Space: Irwin Allen’s science fiction show to get a reboot 
Lost In Space: Irwin Allen’s science fiction show to get a rebootLost In Space: Irwin Allen’s science fiction show to get a reboot
The iconic science fiction series Lost in Space may soon come back to TV. Created by Irwin Allen this show’s reboot will be developed by Legendary Television.

Starting its run on CBS in September 1965, Lost in Space went on for three seasons before being cancelled by the channel. Even after its untimely demise in 1968, this science fiction show remained ingrained in US pop culture.

The original plot of Lost in Space focused on the Robinsons. The members of this family were selected for a space mission to explore deep space. The goal of their journey was to reach planet Alpha Centauri so that they could extend the realm of humanity there. The fact that the series was cancelled after three seasons never gave closure to fans. A movie was made to such an effect in 1998, but it was bashed by critics and fans alike.


Lost in Space

Will Legendary Television’s take on the science fiction show make up for the movie’s lack of relevance to the original series? This responsibility will rest on the shoulders of Dracula Untold screenwriters Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama. There is no news as to what director or directors will be chosen to helm the first season of this reboot.

Right now, no television network has bought the broadcast rights for Lost in Space. There has been no news as to who will be in the cast either. The science fiction series is still in its early stages of production. If everything goes according to plan, it will reach TV screens in less than five years.

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Lost in Space movie official trailer

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