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Bruce Springsteen: Rock ‘N’ Roll legend brought down the Berlin Wall 
Bruce Springsteen: Rock ‘N’ Roll legend brought down the Berlin WallBruce Springsteen: Rock ‘N’ Roll legend brought down the Berlin Wall
This week marks the twenty fifth anniversary of Bruce Springsteen’s rock ‘n’ roll concert in East Germany. According to a recent documentary, the Boss may have been one of the reasons why the Berlin Wall was brought down.

This documentary is not the only piece of media that is prompting this idea about the fall of the Berlin Wall. There is also a new book covering the issue. Indeed, there have been talk shows during the past few weeks, which have covered Bruce Springsteen and other American superstars of music’s magical summer performances in 1988, East Germany.

This idea, although it may seem like a fictitious tantalising reminder to the oppressors of the world, may indeed be very real. Being an icon of freedom, Bruce Springsteen has always said that he is neither for, nor against any government. Twenty five years ago, he spoke the exact same words to a crowd of 300,000 East-Germans. He then continued by saying he hopes “that one day all barriers will be torn down”.  A month later, the Berlin Wall was disassembled.


Bruce Springsteen a.k.a The Boss

Bruce Springsteen is known for being a very influential musician all over the world. However, the sceptics will always say that they do not believe he is a contributing reason for the wall’s destruction. To this, Berlin-based US journalist Erik Kirschbaum says : "Whether you believe that Springsteen's epic concert contributed to the movement that brought down the Berlin Wall depends to a certain degree on whether you believe in the power of rock 'n' roll."

The documentary that covers Bruce Springsteen’s possible link with the tearing down of the Berlin Wall is called "My Summer '88". It has been made for the German public broadcaster MDR. Fans of The Boss will undoubtedly be thrilled to add this piece of media to their collection of documentaries, concerts and albums.

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