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Smartphones and concerts don’t mix: phones and YouTube ruin live shows 
Smartphones and concerts don’t mix: phones and YouTube ruin live showsSmartphones and concerts don’t mix: phones and YouTube ruin live shows
It is an undeniable fact that smartphones are greatly used in music concerts for filming and uploading on YouTube. According to professional musicians, this phenomenon deteriorates the quality of live shows.

This begs the question: are these people with smartphones really going to these concerts to enjoy themselves? Or are they going there to record the performance and show off to their friends who did not have the occasion to go? As inexplicable as this trend has become, many artists admit to being discouraged by it.

According to producer Glenn Max, people who would film concerts with their smartphones rather than “actually look with their own eyes” are disrespecting and challenging the "very essence of the 'live experience'". "It is clear to artists that audiences are moving away from experiencing the music directly, preferring to feel it through their phone," he added. Max has worked with internationally recognised artists such as Massive Attack, Patti Smith and John Cale.


Smartphones being used at a Justin Bieber concert

Being the artistic director of London's Village Underground cultural project, Max also said that performers were affected by hundreds of smartphones filming them during concerts. "It affects the artist's experience tremendously and on many levels," he said. "Artists work hard and very carefully to be represented as they conceive their own work. Imagine singing your heart out to an audience that's stripping you of this dignity."

Although this trend is being opposed by many artists, the recordings of live shows are spreading faster than a virus on YouTube. Will artists complaining about the evolution of this phenomenon help stop it? Or should legal measures against filming be taken?

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