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House of Cards: season 2 of the Netflix series to begin soon 
House of Cards: season 2 of the Netflix series to begin soonHouse of Cards: season 2 of the Netflix series to begin soon
If Constance Zimmer’s Twitter account is to be trusted, House of Cards shall be back for a second season. The shooting of the political drama series starring Kevin Spacey as lead has no official date yet but Zimmer says it will begin in the coming weeks.

After a breath-taking first season features exclusively on Netflix, many are those awaiting the first episode of House of Cards Season 2. This series is a pioneer in its genre because it is the first political drama to be showcased solely on an internet video-platform.

With Kevin Spacey as lead, House of Cards had quite a boost since the beginning. However, as the series Joey has proved, a show does not necessarily need a star as lead to do well. Luckily, this Beau Willimon show did not share the same fate as Joey. Based on a BBC miniseries which was itself based on a Michael Dobbs novel, the entire show premiered on Netflix on 1 February 2013.


Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood

House of Cards is a series which revolves around the life of Frank Underwood. This South Carolina Democrat who was denied appointment for the post of Secretary of State decides to have his vengeance over those who betrayed him. He knows secrets about many political figures in Washington and is well decided to make some heads roll!

Constance Zimmer’s Twitter post says that shooting for the show will begin in two weeks. The actress was responding to a post of appreciation by comedian Ricky Gervais. However, the actress has removed this update since, which begs the question: is this information accurate?

House of Cards official Facebook page

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