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Video games and consoles
Retrouvez toutes nos archives sur le theme Games en 2021Retrouvez toutes nos archives sur le theme Games en 2020‘The Outlast Trials’: a game in the horror franchise was announced! - 13/12/2019
'Half-Life: Alyx', the popular game franchise is back! - 26/11/2019
The RPG ‘Path of Exile 2’ was introduced at ExileCon! - 22/11/2019
‘Avakin Life’ gets top prize at the TIGA Awards! - 20/11/2019
The game ‘The Witcher 3’ made its debut on Nintendo Switch console - 19/11/2019
The game ‘The Sims 4’ will debut its next expansion pack! - 08/11/2019
‘Fortnite Chapter 2’: updates are out for the game! - 22/10/2019
The game ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ is coming to PC and Stadia! - 15/10/2019
‘Shadowkeep’: The game’s expansion for ‘Destiny 2’ is here! - 09/10/2019
Dave Bautista joins ‘Gears 5’ as a playable character - 05/09/2019
The game ‘The Sims 4’ will have a magical expansion pack! - 23/08/2019
The game ‘No Man’s Sky’ is topping the charts - 21/08/2019
The game ‘The Outer Worlds’ will be available on Nintendo Switch! - 01/08/2019
The game ‘Growtopia’ is available on major consoles! - 25/07/2019
Dan Trachtenberg helms intro for ‘Warframe’ - 13/07/2019
The game ‘Sea of Solitude’ features Billie Eilish song - 13/07/2019
The game ‘Stranger Things 3’ is out now! - 11/07/2019
The AR game ‘Dragon Quest Walk’ is in the works - 11/07/2019
The mobile game ‘Men in Black: Global Invasion’ has been announced - 08/07/2019
The mobile game ‘Marvel Super War’ was in a beta testing phase - 03/07/2019
‘Death Stranding’: the game gets new trailer - 03/07/2019
RPG ‘Cyberpunk 2077’: its gameplay introduced at E3 2019 - 03/07/2019
The games ‘QT: Compendium of Cuteness’ are part of horror collection! - 27/06/2019
The game ‘Dota Underlords’: a popular release from Valve Corporation - 27/06/2019
The video game ‘Dauntless’ enables cross-platform play! - 27/06/2019
Tom Holland and Hannibal Buress star in ‘Final Fantasy XIV’ ad - 24/06/2019
The video game ‘John Wick Hex’ has been announced! - 14/06/2019
‘Fortnite’ season 9: major game updates have been launched! - 14/06/2019
A video game based on ‘Jumanji’ in the works! - 11/06/2019
F. Gary Gray will adapt the game ‘Saints Row’ into a movie - 29/05/2019
HopFrog’s game ‘Forager’ is dominating the charts! - 27/05/2019
The game ‘Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’ has a trailer - 13/05/2019
Gearbox Software’s game ‘Borderlands 3’: a trailer has been unveiled - 25/04/2019
‘Call of Duty: Mobile’, a game coming to iOS and Android devices - 15/04/2019
‘Wild Frontier’: ‘Apex Legends’ new season’s title - 15/04/2019
Google Earth unveils Carmen Sandiego game - 09/04/2019
‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’: a first look at the game - 08/04/2019
‘Sword and Shield’: two upcoming Pokémon games! - 02/04/2019
Obsidian’s ‘The Outer Worlds’ gets release date leaked - 01/04/2019
The game ‘Surviving Mars’ now supports Paradox Mods - 20/03/2019
The game ‘Civilization VI: Gathering Storm’ is Steam’s number one - 18/03/2019
‘PUBG Mobile’: a crossover with the game ‘Resident Evil 2’ is live - 18/03/2019
The RPG ‘God Eater 3’ achieves good performance on Steam! - 13/03/2019
The game ‘Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’ announced for this year - 28/02/2019
Beamdog’s game ‘Baldur’s Gate’ to be launched on consoles - 26/02/2019
The Battle Royale game ‘Apex Legends’ is out now! - 21/02/2019
The game ‘Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid’ has a launch date - 13/02/2019
‘Resident Evil 2’: The game has been revisited - 13/02/2019
‘Dragon Ball’: a new RPG called ‘Project Z’ in the works - 13/02/2019
Ubisoft’s game ‘Tom Clancy's The Division 2’ gets beta test date! - 06/02/2019
The game ‘Rocket League’ is available for cross-console play - 31/01/2019
‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’: best 2018 game in PlayStation store - 25/01/2019
Tekken 7: the video game features Craig Marduk in the Season Pass 2 - 24/01/2019
Nintendo’s game ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ smashes sales - 11/01/2019
‘Insurgency: Sandstorm’, the game, has strong debut on Steam - 11/01/2019
‘Fortnite’, the game, got in a festive mood with patch - 09/01/2019
‘GTA V’ revealed as PlayStation 4’s most popular game - 08/01/2019

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