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Gabriel Byrne and Elizabeth McGovern join ‘War of The Worlds’ - 19/02/2019
Leigh Whannell signs on for ‘The Invisible Man’ remake - 19/02/2019
Ryan Reynolds is attached to ‘Shotgun Wedding’, a Lionsgate comedy - 18/02/2019
Tom Hanks’ ‘Greyhound’ has a new premiere date - 18/02/2019
‘Black Panther’ tops the SAG Awards! - 18/02/2019
Patty Jenkins has helmed ‘I Am The Night’, a crime series - 15/02/2019
Todd Miller’s documentary ‘Apollo 11’ shown at the Sundance Festival - 15/02/2019
Stephen King’s ‘The Outsider’ updates its cast - 15/02/2019
Sandra Bullock is attached to ‘Reborn’, a comic book adaptation - 15/02/2019
Matt Smith joins ‘Morbius’, a Spider-Man spin-off - 14/02/2019
Channing Tatum’s ‘Magic Mike The Musical’ goes to Broadway - 14/02/2019
Matthew McConaughey has epic role in ‘The Beach Bum’ - 14/02/2019
Edgar Wright is planning an untitled horror flick! - 14/02/2019
‘Monopoly’: An adaptation of the board game with Kevin Hart - 13/02/2019
‘American Son’: The play with Kerry Washington turned into a film - 13/02/2019
Michael Douglas’ ‘The Kominsky Method’ has been renewed - 13/02/2019
Keira Knightley can be seen in the ‘Berlin, I Love You’ trailer - 13/02/2019
Nicholas Hoult is J. R. R. Tolkien in upcoming biopic - 13/02/2019
‘The Hummingbird Project’: A trailer is out featuring Jesse Eisenberg - 13/02/2019
Nicolas Cage stars in ‘Color Out of Space’, a sci-fi thriller - 13/02/2019
Keanu Reeves is back in ‘John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum’ - 08/02/2019
DJ Khaled: ‘Bad Boys For Life’ adds the artist to its cast - 08/02/2019
M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘Glass’ ends the Eastrail 177 Trilogy - 06/02/2019
Toni Collette bags role in ‘Stowaway’ alongside Anna Kendrick - 06/02/2019
Tom Holland’s ‘Spider-Man: Far from Home’ has a trailer - 31/01/2019
Matthew Rhys is on board ‘Perry Mason’, replacing Robert Downey Jr. - 31/01/2019
Jason Reitman is working on original ‘Ghostbusters’ sequel - 31/01/2019
Eric Heisserer is developing ‘Shadow and Bone’ from Grishaverse - 29/01/2019
‘Respect’: the director Liesl Tommy assigned to the biopic - 28/01/2019
Al Pacino comes back to TV for ‘The Hunt’, a new series - 28/01/2019
Robert and Michelle King are working on ‘Evil’, a new series - 28/01/2019
Stellan Skarsgård will appear in ‘Dune’, the sci-fi remake - 28/01/2019
Bryan Cranston is with Kevin Hart in ‘The Upside’ - 25/01/2019
Issa Rae posts trailer for ‘Little’, a new comedy - 25/01/2019
‘Barbie’: a first live-action flick with Margot Robbie - 25/01/2019
Peter Jackson to direct ‘Tintin’, the movie sequel! - 25/01/2019
‘The Favourite’: the film is leading the BAFTA nominations - 25/01/2019
Forest Whitaker is Desmond Tutu in ‘The Forgiven’ - 25/01/2019
‘Russian Doll’: a trailer is out for Natasha Lyonne’s series - 23/01/2019
Jennifer Kent’s ‘The Nightingale’ is heading towards US theatres - 23/01/2019
S. J. Clarkson joins ‘Game of Thrones’ prequel series - 22/01/2019
‘Venom’: a sequel is underway with Tom Hardy - 22/01/2019
‘Love, Death & Robots’: David Fincher and Tim Miller to helm the show - 22/01/2019
‘Stranger Things 3’: a date finally announced for the series - 22/01/2019
Directors Guild of America: ‘Atlanta’ amongst the nominees - 16/01/2019
Nicole Kidman announces ‘Big Little Lies’ 2019 debut - 16/01/2019
'Fosse/Verdon': a glance at biopic with Michelle Williams - 16/01/2019
James Wan’s ‘Aquaman’ takes the lead of the box-office - 14/01/2019
‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ shines at Golden Globes, winning top awards - 14/01/2019
‘Batwoman’: a pilot is ordered with Ruby Rose leading! - 14/01/2019
Jon Bernthal to return in next season of ‘The Punisher’ - 14/01/2019
Kal Penn to guest star in ‘The Big Bang Theory’! - 14/01/2019
‘Bird Box’, starring Sandra Bullock, hits record views - 14/01/2019
The biopic ‘Rosa’ to honour one of greatest women in history! - 11/01/2019
Nicole Kidman stars in ‘Destroyer’, debuting in the box office - 10/01/2019
Ben Affleck lands role in ‘I Am Still Alive’, a thriller - 10/01/2019
A trailer for ‘Men in Black: International’ with Chris Hemsworth is out! - 09/01/2019
Chloë Grace Moretz stars in ‘Greta’ with Isabelle Huppert - 09/01/2019
Sandra Oh is in newly-revealed images of ‘Killing Eve’ season two - 09/01/2019
Guillermo Del Toro is adapting ‘Terrified’ by Demián Rugna - 09/01/2019
‘Second Act’ by Jennifer Lopez debuts in box-office - 09/01/2019
Peyton Reed is attached to ‘The Unicorn’, a television production - 09/01/2019
Lana Condor is back in ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’ sequel - 08/01/2019
Kate Winslet is in ‘Ammonite’ with Saoirse Ronan - 08/01/2019
Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu’s ‘Elementary’ is coming to an end - 08/01/2019
Aaron Sorkin’s ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ opens in Broadway theatre - 08/01/2019
Emily Blunt opens up about ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ - 07/01/2019
‘By The Grace of God’ running for Berlin Film Festival’s top award - 07/01/2019
Ian Ziering lands role in ‘Swamp Thing’, a DC Universe series - 07/01/2019
Ian Ziering lands role in ‘Swamp Thing’, a DC Universe series - 04/01/2019

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