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Jack Whitehall will feature in ‘Jungle Cruise’, a Disney picture - 16/08/2018
Jennifer Garner is back on the small screen with ‘Camping’ - 16/08/2018
Tom Cruise’s 'Mission: Impossible — Fallout' is a success! - 16/08/2018
Jason Momoa leaves ‘The Crow’ - 16/08/2018
‘First Man’: The movie stars Ryan Gosling - 16/08/2018
The actress Kristen Wiig sticks to Wonder Woman 2! - 16/08/2018
‘Peter Rabbit’, the comedy has a date set for its sequel - 16/08/2018
‘In the Tall Grass’ will be adapted into a horror film - 16/08/2018
The show ‘Roseanne’ gets a spinoff, ‘The Conners’ - 14/08/2018
Brie Larson reveals that ‘Captain Marvel’ is under wrap - 14/08/2018
Jason Statham’s ‘The Meg’ lands in the box office - 09/08/2018
The series ‘Downton Abbey’ returns for the big screen! - 06/08/2018
Will Ferrell stars in the comedy ‘Eurovision’ - 02/08/2018
The series ‘Jack Ryan’ has a trailer - 02/08/2018
Chadwick Boseman joins the thriller Â’17 BridgesÂ’ - 01/08/2018
Jodie Whittaker is the star of the cult show ‘Doctor Who’ - 01/08/2018
‘Sense8’, the series, announce the finale - 01/08/2018
‘Cobra Kai’ is a revival of the 80s series - 01/08/2018
The actor Robin Williams is remembered in a documentary - 01/08/2018
The novel ‘Shantaram’ to be developed by Apple - 01/08/2018
A biopic for Bob Marley is in the works - 01/08/2018
The film ‘Mortal Engines’ gets a trailer - 31/07/2018
The actor Orlando Bloom will star in ‘Needle in a Timestack’ - 31/07/2018
‘It: Chapter 2’: New actors join the horror movie - 30/07/2018
Vin Diesel: Is another franchise planned for the actor? - 30/07/2018
‘Spawn’: Jamie Foxx stars in the movie - 30/07/2018
Diljit Dosanjh leads the biopic ‘Soorma’ - 30/07/2018
Taron Egerton is Robin Hood in a new trailer - 30/07/2018
The basketball star LeBron James sets his eyes on a movie - 30/07/2018
Maya Hawke will debut in the show ‘Stranger Things’ - 30/07/2018
Steven Spielberg and Leonardo DiCaprio might team up for a biopic - 27/07/2018
Debra Granik is back in the director’s chair with ‘Leave No Trace’ - 27/07/2018
Jeremy Irons joins Regina King in the series ‘Watchmen’ - 27/07/2018
Jessica Alba joins the film ‘Killers Anonymous’ - 27/07/2018
‘Rapture’: A soundtrack album for the series is out - 27/07/2018
‘Blockers’ is a comedy about familial issues - 27/07/2018
Ron Howard is on board for the show Â’68 WhiskeyÂ’ - 27/07/2018
Sacha Baron Cohen debuts his controversial series ‘Who is America?’ - 27/07/2018
Taylor Swift will star in the film adaptation of ‘Cats’ - 26/07/2018
Ranbir Kapoor has the lead role in ‘Sanju’ - 26/07/2018
Shuri will star in her own Marvel series! - 25/07/2018
Nickelodeon is bringing back the hit show ‘Rugrats’! - 25/07/2018
Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon are back on ‘OITNB’ - 25/07/2018
Willem Dafoe is in the dog-sled movie ‘Togo’ - 24/07/2018
Keri Russell in talks to be in ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ - 20/07/2018
Jim Broadbent signs up for the thriller ‘Six Minutes to Midnight’ - 20/07/2018
‘Money Heist’ wins at the Monte Carlo Television Festival - 20/07/2018
A trailer is out for Denzel Washington’s ‘The Equalizer 2’ - 20/07/2018
Matt Damon as Marc Rich in the film ‘King of Oil’ - 20/07/2018
Paul Rudd is Moe Berg in ‘The Catcher Was a Spy’ - 20/07/2018
Shia LaBeouf and David Ayer team up for ‘The Tax Collector’ - 20/07/2018
Dwayne Johnson is the hero in ‘Skyscraper’ - 20/07/2018
Steven Spielberg: The director reaches a new milestone - 20/07/2018
‘Doom’: The actress Nina Bergman will star in the movie - 19/07/2018
Warren Ellis’ comic book ‘Injection’ will be adjusted for the small screen - 19/07/2018
‘Homeland’: The series have reached a conclusion - 19/07/2018
Nawazuddin Siddiqui, the actor, was at the Cannes Festival - 19/07/2018
Saoirse Ronan is royalty in ‘Mary Queen of Scots’ - 19/07/2018
‘Dying to Survive’, the movie with Xu Zheng, is a box-office hit - 19/07/2018
Meryl Streep: The star could take the lead in a journalism drama - 18/07/2018
Tom Holland reveals the title: 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' - 18/07/2018
‘Bohemian Rhapsody’: The movie is a biopic of Queen’s singer - 17/07/2018
Elisabeth Moss joins ‘The Kitchen’ - 14/07/2018
Emma Thompson returns to the big screen for ‘The Children Act’ - 11/07/2018
‘Big Little Lies’ brings back actor Adam Scott - 07/07/2018
‘The Good Liar’ will feature two award-winning actors - 07/07/2018
The TV show ‘Lucifer’ gets renewed - 07/07/2018
Hugh Jackman and Allison Janney are in ‘Bad Education’ - 07/07/2018
‘Birds of Prey’, the movie will feature DC characters - 07/07/2018
‘Captain Marvel’s cast will include Clark Gregg - 07/07/2018
Rachel Brosnahan returns to ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ - 07/07/2018
The movie ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’, top of the US box office - 07/07/2018
‘Find me in Paris’ is a series focusing on dancing - 06/07/2018
Mark Hamill, ‘Star Wars’ Luke Skywalker is honored with a star - 06/07/2018
Dracula from ‘Hotel Transylvania 3’ goes on a cruise - 06/07/2018
‘30 Rock’: Could the sitcom get a reboot? - 28/06/2018
‘Bad Times at the El Royale’, a thriller by Drew Goddard - 21/06/2018
Mila Kunis is in ‘The Spy Who Dumped Me’ - 15/06/2018
‘Everybody Knows’, the opening thriller competed at Cannes Festival - 15/06/2018
Andrew Lincoln exits ‘The Walking Dead’ - 13/06/2018
Marvel’s trailer for the series ‘Cloak and Dagger’ is now out - 24/05/2018
Nathan Parsons: the actor joins the cast of ‘Roswell’ - 22/05/2018
‘Get Out’: the movie won Best Picture at the ISA - 22/05/2018
‘David Copperfield’ is a novel by Charles Dickens - 22/05/2018
‘Ready Player One’ is the latest by Steven Spielberg - 16/05/2018
‘Rampage’, the movie is adapted from a video game series - 15/05/2018
Pedro Pascal, the actor will feature in Â’Wonder Woman 2Â’ - 15/05/2018
John Cena, the actor could play Duke Nukem - 15/05/2018
‘Doctor Dolittle’, the upcoming movie, has its full cast - 11/05/2018
The StrangersÂ’ sequel debuted at the US box office - 11/05/2018
Boots Riley, the rapper makes his debut as a director - 11/05/2018
‘Coco’: the Disney animated movie is an Oscar winner - 09/05/2018
‘Fantastic Beasts’ by J.K. Rowling will offer a second screenplay - 26/04/2018
‘Hotel Artemis’: A thriller featuring Jodie Foster - 26/04/2018
Kevin Bacon, the actor, will adapt a 2017 novel - 26/04/2018
‘Adrift’ is a movie based on a true story - 18/04/2018
‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, the show will return to Hulu - 17/04/2018
Gina Rodriguez, the actress will be Carmen Sandiego - 17/04/2018
The Tribeca Festival will debut several independent films - 02/04/2018
‘The Hurricane Heist’, a movie by Rob Cohen is received in America - 30/03/2018
Del Toro, the Mexican movies director behind ‘The Shape of Water’ - 16/03/2018
Chris Hemsworth is negotiating for Men in Black with Sony Pictures - 05/03/2018
‘Dunkirk’ and ‘Darkest Hour’ nominated for the Oscar - 02/03/2018
Jurassic world, a third movie will be in theaters in 2021 - 02/03/2018
Actor GĂ©rard Depardieu working again with director Bertrand Blier - 01/03/2018
Film festival Berlinale honours the contributors of the industry - 28/02/2018
Movie ‘Red Sparrow’ will be in cinemas this week - 28/02/2018
Kung Fury has its casting for the second movie - 27/02/2018
Willem Dafoe among the nominees in the supporting actor category - 27/02/2018
Black Panther: a new generation of superheroes in theaters - 27/02/2018
Jennifer Garner has signed for a new role in series - 27/02/2018
Actor Timothée Chalamet will play in three future movies - 23/02/2018
Dakota Fanning as director for a short film - 23/02/2018
Steven Spielberg: Directing the remake of “West Side Story” - 07/02/2018
CW looking forward to bring the witches of Charmed back - 05/02/2018
The movie Maze Runner: The Death Cure in theaters this month - 02/02/2018

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