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Need for Speed: will Aaron Paul be in the action thriller film’s sequel? 
Need for Speed: will Aaron Paul be in the action thriller film’s sequel?Need for Speed: will Aaron Paul be in the action thriller film’s sequel?
A Need for Speed movie sequel will soon start production. The action thriller film may still feature Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul as its central character.

Even though Need for Speed was not considered a success by critics, the first movie adaptation of this EA game franchise was well received by the public. Released last year, it earned 203.3 million USD at the world-wide Box Office. This is probably why a sequel is being planned.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, EA Games has paired up with the Chinese movie channel, Jiaflix, and to produce the Need for Speed sequel. The news website has said that this probably means the lion’s share of the shooting will be accomplished in China. The chairman of China Movie Channel, Yin Cao, has hinted that there may be some up-and-coming Chinese actors in this sequel.


Need for Speed poster

It has not yet been said whether Aaron Paul will be returning as Tobey Marshall in Need for Speed 2. If ever the Breaking Bad actor will not act in this second film, the production team will have to choose their cast carefully. The sequel still being in its conceptual phase, actors will not be officially attached to it just yet.

The creative team that will work on the Need for Speed movie sequel has not yet been announced. This means that for now, the film has no director or writer either. Even the rights to the franchise have not yet been acquired. These are still under the ownership of DreamWorks.

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