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Yahoo acquires Evntlive, the online streaming service of live events 
Yahoo acquires Evntlive, the online streaming service of live eventsYahoo acquires Evntlive, the online streaming service of live events
Yahoo has bought out Evntlive so as to extend their market over the online streaming of live events. The announcement was made on Friday 6 November through the streaming service’s website.

The acquisition of such a service will undoubtedly make Yahoo one of the most active platforms as far as the live streaming of concerts are concerned. There has not yet been an indication of how the group will use their recently acquired service.

Being one of the world’s most used web-portal, Yahoo has an array of service covering music. The group had recently organised a series of live concerts for up-and-coming as well as famous bands. This internet event was called On The Road and featured such artists as The Lumineers, Kendrick Lamar, and Macklemore. Seeing Yahoo now has Evntlive in its toolbox, they will probably use it to fuel a new video streaming trend.


What is Yahoo preparing with Evntlive?

This statement was published on the Evntlive website on Friday 6 November: “When we started EVNTLIVE in early 2012, we set out to change the way that fans engage with live music online by creating an interactive, virtual venue. Since launching our beta service in April 2013, we have live streamed hundreds of performances from amazing artists and festivals to fans all over the world”. They also announced that their service will be halted and that their team will join the Yahoo video team.

Evntlive is a service that made it possible to attend live concerts in the comfort of one’s home. Viewers had the chance to see the concerts from different angles whilst being able to use a live chat option. They have covered live events of The Wu-Tang Clan, Bon Jovi, and Slash, amongst others.

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